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"Men who consume the flesh of beasts consume also the fear of the slaughtered victims,
the fill of which will be the virus of discontentment"


73 Cows

73 Cows tells the story of Jay Wilde, the first farmer in the UK to trade beef farming for sustainable organic vegan farming, giving up his entire herd of cattle in the process. 73 Cows won the BAFTA in 2019 for British Short Film.


Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity.

This emotionally wrenching, tautly structured story challenges us to consider our relationship to nature and reveals how little we humans have learned from these highly intelligent and enormously sentient fellow mammals

Carnage: Swallowing the Past

It's 2067, the UK is vegan, when veganism is the norm, the film looks back on meat-eating today. Older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past. Simon Amstell asks us to forgive them for the horrors of what they swallowed.



COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today, and investigates why the world's leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.


Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind's dominion over the animal kingdom.

While mainly focusing on animals used for food, it also explores other ways animals are exploited and abused by humans, including clothing, entertainment and research.


A film for Animals, 2005. The definitive animal rights film narrated by three-time Academy Award Nominee JOAQUIN PHOENIX and featuring music by MOBY.

This is part one of three volumes, followed by Unity and Beings.

Eating Animals

Eating Animals spotlights the heroic farmers, whistle-blowers, and innovators who are standing up, against all odds, to fight this system and provide a new way forward.

Eating Our Way To Extinction

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – three chances to change the world for the better.

Are you Eating To Extinction, or Eating For Tomorrow?

Eating You Alive

Featuring leading medical experts and researchers, Eating You Alive takes a scientific look at the reasons we're so sick, who's responsible for feeding us the wrong information and how we can use whole-food, plant-based nutrition to take control of our health-one bite at a time.

Farm to Fridge

Mercy For Animals presents Farm to Fridge.

Revealing the often-unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge.

Food Choices

This ground-breaking documentary explores the impact that food choices have on people's health, the health of our planet and on the lives of other living species. 

This film will certainly change the way you look at the food on your plate.

Forks Over Knives

What if one simple change could save you from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease?

Take a deep dive into the plant-based diet documentary that has influenced millions around the world.

From the Ground Up

What makes up the meat of an athlete? 

In the feature documentary From the Ground Up, former meat-eating college football player Santino Panico goes on a journey to rediscover the athlete within-this time, as a vegan.

Game Changers

The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary film about athletes who have plant-based diets.

It features the story of James Wilks - elite Special Forces trainer and The Ultimate Fighter winner - as he travels the world on a quest to uncover the optimal diet for human performance.

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters

Half of the population in Western society suffers from being overweight. Cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer are epidemic. Our meat consumption has quintupled over the past 50 years. 

65 billion land animals are being slaughtered every year for food consumption. 

One third of the global grain production is fed to animals for fattening while 1.8 billion people worldwide suffer from hunger and starvation. 

Can there really be a solution to all these problems?

Land of Hope and Glory

In 2005, a film called Earthlings became the most pivotal documentary of the animal rights movement. Here in the UK however, we found the phrase "that doesn't happen in our country" coming up far too much. 

Land of Hope and Glory shows the truth behind UK land animal farming with investigations and undercover footage.

Land of Hope and Glory is made by the founders of the animal rights organisation Surge.


LIBERTY tells the story of that meeting and how the animals were transported to Farm Sanctuary in Acton, CA.

Live and Let Live

Food scandals, climate change, lifestyle diseases and ethical concerns move more and more people to reconsider eating animals and animal products. From butcher to vegan chef, from factory farmer to farm sanctuary owner - Live and Let Live tells the stories of six individuals who decided to stop consuming animal products for different reasons and shows the impact the decision has had on their lives.


Maximum Tolerated Dose

Maximum Tolerated Dose is a documentary which charts the lives of both humans and non-humans who have experienced animal testing first-hand, with hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians whose ethics demanded they choose a different path, as well as the simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of animals who have seen both sides of the cage.

Meet Your Meat

In a moving narration, actor and activist Alec Baldwin exposes the truth behind humanity's cruelest invention―the factory farm.


A young activist goes deep into dairy land where he takes on the giants of New Zealand's most powerful industry, and reveals how the sacred cash-cow industry has been milked dry.


Okja is not a documentary but a film with a story about animal activism, corporate greed and scientific ethics.


Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home

A riveting story of transformation and healing, PEACEABLE KINGDOM: THE JOURNEY HOME explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and who have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life.


Planeat is a 2010 British documentary film by Or Shlomi and Shelley Lee Davies. The film discusses the possible nutritional and environmental benefits of adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet based on the research of T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn and Gidon Eshel.


PlantPure Nation

PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. After nutritional scientist and author Dr. T. Colin Campbell speaks to the Kentucky legislature, his oldest son Nelson works with Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Punk Rock Vegan Movie

Punk Rock Vegan Movie is a feature-length documentary written and directed (and shot and scored) by Moby. It looks at the surprising history of punk rock and animal rights activism, features interviews with dozens of punk rock legends, and also cameos from Bagel the dog, the devil, and a boardroom of demons.


Passionate about ocean life, a filmmaker sets out to document the harm that humans do to marine species - and uncovers alarming global corruption.

Seaspiracy examines the global fishing industry, challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental destruction.

Speciesism: The Movie

Modern farms are struggling to keep a secret. Most of the animals used for food in the United States are raised in giant, bizarre "factory farms," hidden deep in remote areas of the countryside.

Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries set out to investigate.

Swine The Film

SWINE - Resistance has arrived - the world's most destructive industry has a secret it doesn't want you to know about, Jack Tomlins goes undercover to reveal the truth. Antibiotic Resistance is real and its coming for us.


Test Subjects

Test Subjects provides a peek into a world few ever get to see—and what's expected for entry into that exclusive club with its pressure to conform, to question only that which is acceptable to question, and to maintain the status quo, even if it runs contrary to good science.

The Animal People

THE ANIMAL PEOPLE, from executive producer Joaquin Phoenix, follows the journey of six young activists who find themselves indicted as terrorists by the United States government. Featuring expansive interviews with the six activists spanning more than a decade, rare archival footage - including never-before-seen surveillance footage, wiretaps, and government documents, 

The Animal People is a chilling portrait of what happens when activism rattles the institutions of power.

The Cove

A team of activists, filmmakers, and freedivers embark on a covert mission to expose a deadly secret hidden in a remote cove in Taiji, Japan. By utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, they uncover a horrible annual tradition of unparalleled cruelty.

A provocative mix of investigative journalism, eco-adventure, and arresting imagery makes this an unforgettable and courageous story that inspires outrage and action.

The Ghosts in Our Machine

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE charts McArthur's efforts to bring wider attention to a topic that most of humankind strives hard to avoid.

Are non-human animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights?

The Milk System

There's one thing milk stands for - health. It's seen as natural and nutrient-rich. Which is exactly what makes it so attractive for the market.

But is it really that healthy?

The Witness

A story of beauty and transcendence in the face of tragedy and despair, this award-winning documentary will challenge viewers to question their own ideas about the human-animal relationship.

There was a killing

The death of Canadian activist Regan Russell, who was struck and killed by a transport truck while peacefully protesting outside a slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario. No criminal charges were brought against the driver.


UNITY is a 2015 documentary film written, directed and produced by Shaun Monson, and is the sequel to the 2005 film EARTHLINGS. Like its predecessor, the film is presented in chapters, (Cosmic, Mind, Body, Heart and Soul) but this time the documentary is voiced by an astounding cast of 100 celebrity narrators.

Vegan 2015

"Is The Mainstream Ready To Embrace The Vegan Movement Now?"


Vegan 2016

Vegan 2016, which showcases the progress veganism has made, as well as highlighting the challenges this social justice movement faces.


Vegan 2017

The film is the third installment in a series of yearly movies documenting the global journey of veganism throughout 2017. 

Vegan 2017 charts the movement's triumphs - as well as the adversity it has faced as it continues to grow. It is produced by Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell.


Vegan 2018

Vegan 2018: The Year A Movement Went Mainstream shows a movement in its ascendancy, painting a portrait of how more people are starting to move away from the ethical, environmental, and health horrors of animal exploitation.


Vegan 2019

Vegan 2019 features leading names in the world of entertainment, sports, and animal advocacy, whose stories weave together to create a thrilling tapestry of this vibrant movement.


Vegan 2020

Vegan 2020 will chart the victories and challenges of the movement over a year which has seen the world in general change beyond recognition.


Vegan 2021

Throughout the year, plant-based meat companies forged partnerships with the biggest names in the food industry, like McDonald's, Subway, and Dominos, to name a few. A host of high-profile names spoke out about animal exploitation, including Grammy Award-winner Billie Eilish and Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who are both vegan.


Vegan 2022

"This film is produced in partnership with Wicked Kitchen, a Chef Driven, plant-based brand that is crafting delicious food for meat eaters and vegans alike. Sold in the UK, US, Finland & Thailand - they're on a mission to unleash the mighty flavour of plants!"


Vegan: Everyday Stories

Vegan: Everyday Stories is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of four remarkably different people who share a common thread - they're all vegan. The movie traces the personal journeys of an ultramarathon runner who has overcome addiction to compete in one hundred mile races, a cattle rancher's wife who creates the first cattle ranch turned farmed animal sanctuary in Texas, a food truck owner cooking up knee-buckling plant-based foods, and an 8-year-old girl who convinces her family of six to go vegan.


Part sociological experiment, part science class, and part adventure story, Vegucated showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who share one journey and ultimately discover their own paths in creating a kinder, cleaner, greener world, one bite at a time.

What the Health

What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick.

What The Health is a surprising, and at times hilarious, investigative documentary that will be an eye-opener for everyone concerned about our nation's health and how big business influences it.